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About Us

The Early Years

It all started in 2005, when the South Bay scene, and DeadRockers owner Lindsay Shaver, saw the disappearance of the area's few and only sources for punk rock music.  Local record stores like Go Boy and Scooters were going out of business, and Shaver, an eighteen year old with a die-hard devotion to '77-style punk and a knack for business, answered the call.  What the South Bay scene needed, she prescribed: a source for the music kids wanted on the cheap.  Not to mention a place to buy cool clothes, studs, which were, up until that point, about as hard to find in the South Bay as British imports.  There simply wasn't a place where you find it all: Pins, patches, and a vast array of music.  Driving to Hollywood was getting old.  Something had to be done. 

From Black Flag to Blitz

Armed with minimal college, DIY sensibilities, and a tenacious drive to succeed, Shaver set out to get her startup off the ground. The name DeadRockers came from one of Lindsay's favorite UK82 bands, Uproar.   After a tough first year and some ups and downs (on the upside, a fiercely loyal skate team) DeadRockers eventually thrived due to hard work, tireless fliering, blood, sweat, & tears.  The business philosophy was simple: Offer the best possible music, clothing, and accessories at the best possible prices.  Always connected to the scene, she never kept her friends far from mind when deciding what to offer.  Band shirts, patches, pins, belts, skirts, and more were sold at affordable prices through the business's Myspace page and in person as various shows throughout Southern California.  This personal no-nonsense business approach paid off and word of mouth quickly spread throughout the South Bay and beyond.  When booths were set up at local events, people showed up, always leaving with an awesome album or T-shirt and cash to spare.  DeadRockers had become a labor of love for Shaver, who always got the most pleasure out of discovering new music & merch, and sharing the love of punk rock with her customers!

Now and Into the Future

In early 2009, DeadRockers literally exploded with the addition of housewares, purses, baby apparel, jewelry, hair clips, and clothing designed to hug the bodacious curves of her female customers.  Their first major website launched, lots of shows were thrown, and lots of people were getting packages delivered with the rad goods sold at DeadRockers!

A storefront became a reality in 2011 in the small town of Wilmington, CA, and has since expanded and moved on to the infamous 4th Street in Downtown Long Beach, CA.  Dead Rockers is now located in the "Mid 4th" area, just down the street from Retro Row and notorious Punk Rock Bars: Ferns, Alex's, V-Room, & the Stache.  With the launch of their new website in 2015, and a physical store front in the heart of Downtown Long Beach, DeadRockers has continued to remain a vital source to the Southern California Punk Scene for over 12 years!

- By Hayley Cain (Dear Friend, Magazine Dirty Axe-wielder, & Talented Writer) - / /